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Is ADHD Medication Treatment Dangerous? 
Commentaries on the NETFLIX Documentary, "Take Your Pills" 
Dr. Hallowell shares his thoughts on how this well meaning documentary meant to alert you to the dangers of stimulant medications used to treat ADHD doesn't provide any perspective on the good they can do when medications are prescribed and used properly. One should be aware of the dangers of medications and cognizant that when medications are monitored and taken properly, they can be remarkably effective. 

Why I'm Upset at Netflix's New Documentary "Take Your Pills" 
Controversy sells, and the media knows it. So a lot of what we see, read about, and hear about ADHD and ADHD treatment either misrepresents the facts or is flat-out meant to scare us.  Netflix's new documentary "Take Your Pills" (interview w/producers: is no exception. This is why I'm upset: Despite bringing up many legitimate concerns, the film contributes to the confusion, stigma and fear around stimulant medication - many of the experts included either don't have a background in research, directly benefit from spreading fear & misinformation about ADHD treatment, or speak on subjects outside their area of expertise.

Why is the ADHD Resource Group sharing these links????
The Board of Directors of "ARG" agree that our mission and purpose includes correcting misinformation and overcoming the stigma of challenges of ADHD and ADD

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